Wall Attack Strengths



What do the different strengths of the Izuna Drop and the Sky High Claw do? I can’t figure it out…


ive never really found a use for them his j.HK and j.HP make good enough jump ins, and surprisingly his ground based game is quite strong…


vega is awsome on the ground . all his reach takes out most of the characters when u can ocv with him r1 and taking out the usual blanka/sagat/cammy with no problem you guys make it sound so easy to beat him … ucant even jump at vega if he stays on teh ground he has to many anti-airs to compete with d.fp . s.hk , properly timed d.hk , or even a d.mk … all quite effective against most people so not as easy as people make it to kill him. :slight_smile: Long live VEGA !


i used to use vega for a little bit as R2…and i dont’ use wall attacks all that often…i just do a lot of poking and jumping and it’s fine…but then again that’s all i kno how to do with vega