Wall cross-over trick

for some reason, I can’t pull this off. The trick where u have the opponent’s feet facing the wall and u cross him over where u normally cant get to it if his head was facing the wall. Been trying for a while, any tips?

you have to be 2p, and most set ups dont work against hibiki.

just pick 2p ryu, throw the dude into the corner and hop kick over. its hella easy

Happens to me a lot in the arcade without even trying. Like Buk said, make sure you are the second player.

why doesnt it work against hibiki

she gets up really fast, but i dont think that has anything to do with it. i think SOME random set ups still work on her, but most dont

good shit, didnt know it was only 2p, thanks. i actually did this in a match accidently today, haha