Wall jump combo!

Jump back, on the tip of your jump, wall jump, then use medium kick. the opponent is positioned as far away as possible. thats it! i’ve tested on on many players with an average hitbox, even when crouching. so after the air m.k, go for the c.mk to c.mp hit confirm. as of now, i’ve tested it doesn’t work on a crouching e.honda. the c.mp doesn’t connect with blanka either. don’t know why i want to jump like that to a blanka, but it’s great for fireball spammers. combo from full screen away is freaking awesome.
please tell me if anyone find this useful or have already been discovered yet. we should make a sticky on those other techniques that would be hard for noobs to find on this forum, like the safe jump in mp and vega vortex…thank you!

scratches head

hmmmm sounds interesting…i’ve been using the wall jump as a form of counterattack with other things but i only recently started using vega’s jumping medium kicks…gonna test this out to see if it’s good for my style of play

really, you should use j.lk for this, or better yet, not use it at all.

mk is the only move that has enough range to hit an opponent after a high wall jump. that’s why mk is the best after the wall jump. remember, you have to wall jump from the tip of your jump for the mk to JUST reach

Why wouldn’t you just use fierce punch? It does more damage and can be combod into itself or mp/mk into FBA

Yes, MK is the preferred move for me off a wall jump, espescially if I am facing a shoto like Ryu for instance. You’ll hit just has his fireball animation is ending. You can then combo into cr.mp > EX FBA. The hitbox for jumping MK seems to be a bit more forward then the actual animation would make it seem.

fierce won’t reach. try it out youself. at full screen, the fierce will not reach. maybe you guys are getting confuse on what wall i’m talking about. i’m talking about the invisble wall. not the one at the end of the stage. i’ll see if i can make a video and show you guys what i mean

they know, its the triangle jump. really the move you use is dependent on spacing, the opponents choice of AA, and what he is doing.

as spacing is concerned, it seems as long as the opponent isn’t defensive and move backwards, it will hit. it’s a great way to get in on fireballers in my opinion. i’ve had a few successful rounds landing the mk because it’s deceptively unexpected

just tried this out in training mode…haven’t used it in a real match yet but the timing on it’s strict…it definitely has more range than his jumping fierce…i guess the spacing is dependent since i use fierce/ air throw when i get trapped in the corner along with other options…his jumping forward is similar to dhalism’s and guile jumping strong b/c of it stretching outward a very similar angle…in theory this setup could be used to catch a lot of people off guard since many of vega’s normals all have deceptive amounts of range and when combined with the element of surprise, can be very useful when utilized and quite deadly to deal with…not to mention that vega’s jump has been tweaked since vanilla so jumping with him can be a a slightly better tactic with him in my opinion

I’ve tried this ages ago, it works.

The only problem is, good luck getting people to actually throw fireballs from that distance. Why would they? Walk forward and pressure them with pokes, finding the first opportunity to jump in usually results in a lot of hurt. You probably won’t get many shotos with this and you have to time it to beat a fireball otherwise easy SRK.

In addition, if someone doesn’t throw a fireball and walks forward, all you do is jump back. You’re giving up positioning BIG time and moving yourself backwards, because if you’re at full screen you obviously aren’t at poke distance. If you’re against the wall and you’re wall jumping, then people know what to expect.

I think it would be really useful against Dhalsim though.

Well this is something you definitely don’t want to just throw out there in a high level of play. Against shoto scrubs however who just sit in the corner spamming fireballs, it works wonders. I will say it’s a big no no against Gouken. If the player has good reaction skills you will get punished.

I had tried this a few times in training not really expecting much, but found the opportunity to do it in a match, other dude definitely wasn’t expecting, neither was I heh xD