Wall Jump Strats


Been exploring some of the small aspects of the game in my low tier wanderings. Some people know this already, some know parts of this, some sorta know it and take it for granted sometimes… and others just don’t know.

Lots of characters lacking movement options come equipped with a sometimes seldom used wall jump. The best use most people have for it is escaping the corner… or causing side switch trickery on incoming characters…

Using wolvie… if you stand back to the wall… with your opp full screen… you can sj.up/back, wall jump at peak and jump fwd. If you just jump fwd you land a couple character distances short. If you fk in the air however you can land as far as on the other side of the opp. You can land shorter if you want… you can sorta control your “drift” in the air. Doing it right is like ghetto airdash…

From the midpoint on the screen wolvie can use the sj.fk to reach either wall and jump off… doing the fk again to reach as far as he likes once again. Pretty neat for a dude with no airdash to be doing sjing double crossups. Thanks to the float effect of his air fk…

I really found this out using sabertooth who has no normals that make him float nearly as much… but a tiny tiny bit seems to be enough. Sabe’s can also reach either wall from midscreen like this… jump off… do it again and land on either side. Pretty much all characters can use normals to alter their trajectory but walljumper can do it multiple times for seemingly a lot of distance and have way more ability to vary their landing point.

Using sabe’s who’s got a strong but slightly floaty superjump I was sj.up/back and using different normals on the way up… which would hasten or delay my actual walljump… Forcing a very high wall jump or very low… depending on the normal… then wall jumping off and choosing to land midscreen, frontside overhead, or rearside overhead depending on what normal i throw was like a revelation.

Simple stuff that most people rarely take advantage of or if they do… don’t think about in process.

More stuff:

Cancel those cross-up wall jumps! If you are jumping off the wall and about to cross over the opp… sticking out a normal will bail the walljump just like an air-dash and you can drop right in much faster. People do this sometimes but I haven’t seen a lot of corner reset’s that take full advantage.

Speaking of corner stuff… a similar principle will work with combo’s. Not all walljump capable characters have a fast enough recovering launcher but some do. Launch nj.up/fwd, walljump xx normal works for some people and can lead to whatever. If you have having trouble don’t wait for the wallump to end… cancel it into a whiffed normal if you need then combo… Extra bonus? Your in nj.state which means you can still call assists. Lots of possiblities.

Just now appreciating wall jumps as more than an escape move. Love to hear anything further on this stuff for any tier.