Wall Jumps... do they have a use?



So another newbie to Chun-li question, but its something I’m having trouble finding information on. Chun-li is one of the few characters in the game that has a wall jump, but I never see it used or talk about. Is the “move” completely useless? Just too slow and floaty? If anyone does use her wall jump, how do you use it? Every once in a blue moon I try to use it to escape when I’m in a corner, but other then that (and even that’s really rare) I seem to forget I even have it personally.


It can be used to get out of the corner sometimes, and to fake out an opponent as you mentioned. But yeah, since it tends to be so high up, it is vulnerable to anti-airs. Just use sparingly.


its useful when you know spacing well enough. Theres times where I see bison standing in a spot, and I know if I wall jump he cant do anything about it, so I use it then to get out of the corner.


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it would be awesome if after the wall jump you can df hk.


Learn your spacing and cross up with lk. I imagine mk works too.


Can Chun do straight up wall jump in SF4?




I just tested, and yes she can, as long as she’s against a wall (even the invisible ones from being too far away from your opponent in the middle of the stage) she can neutral jump and press away from the wall to wall jump out of the neutral jump.

Edit: Unless you meant, can she jump into a wall… then turn that angled jump into a neutral jump via a straight up and down wall jump, in which case if she can, I don’t know the input for it, seems like she can’t.


Yeah sorry for clarifying so late. I meant the second one, where she can jump off the wall and immediately cancel horizontal momentum so she jumps straight up. In 3rd strike the input was d+MK right before a wall jump, but the input window was really tight.


Because headstomp won’t change her jump trajectory when it whiffs, I don’t think this gives her a vertical wall-jump.


Yeah it was just a glitch in 3rd Strike, just asked here because I wanted to know if something similar can be done in SF4, thanks