Wall Recession Bar Tourny. SfIV$150 added SFIVT T6 ST BB Nov 28th

252 East Main st
Fall River, MA 02724
Pics: http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/s...lace_function/

Tournament Schedule & Games:

  • $5 Venue Fee this time around
  • Nov 28th
  • bar hours are 8am-2am
  • 1pm sign ups will begin for the 3pm games
  • 2:45pm sign ups will end
  • 3pm we will begin with the following games:

3 pm start:

  • blazblue
  • Tekken 6
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Street Fighter 4 Teams 2v2 waseda

8 pm start:
singles sign up then
-Street Fighter 4 ($150 added to the pot)


once again it will be held at my family bar on the function side . There is a wall in bewtween the bar so noone will bother us(im the manager). yes you can drink if you show some ID or soda water redbull and u can order food if u like (anything from steaks to burgers to seafood). There are bathrooms in the function space so I think that pretty much covers it.

Entry fee & prize structure:

$10 dollars for everything, teams is $20 a team

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your past tournament places.
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8

  • Teams is waseda style so one guy dont do all the work for a team.
  • Winners, losers finals are 3/5 finals are 3/5

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.

-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. GOUKI is banned in ST.

Money will be split depending how many ppl show 70/20/10. Im not going to split of there is only 8 ppl winner will take all.

any questions? POST

Its a recession people come and help out business is hurting :sweat:

Also this is a great way to get a warmup for NEC witch is the weekend after.

And ofcourse be here or be square bitches.

bump…come out of towners u no u want to come play me =)

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