I don’t get it… I’ve seem to hit a wall in my game play and I don’t understand anything anymore. I don’t understand when to use cosmic heel into scarlet terror, I don’t understand why i can’t kara throw a normal light vega knee. I don’t understand why i try to kara throw for countering block strings instead of just continuing to block. I don’t understand why everyone knows exactly when I am going to throw when i switch it up as often as i can. I don’t understand why I can’t seem to do anything right in this character nor any other with the pad. I am such garbage at this damn game… Sigh drunk frustrations coming out, but none the less real frustrations. Yes yes QQ more; Noob shutup blah blah flame on flame on… Maybe cody will be better for me… but none the less i’ve hit a wall and don’t know what else to do. Suggestions appreciated; Flames somewhat appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey bro. What do you mean people know exactly when you’re going to throw? It’s alright if people tech all your throws. It just means you need to mix them up better. Try doing a throw setups, but substituting the throw with: walk forward a little, walk back a little, down-forward+HK.

anyway next time you see me on send me an invite and I can tell you some shit to improve on. But don’t just switch to Cody, everybody’s playing him… SSF4 Vega is supposed to be pretty sick anyway.

Everyone hits walls. If you think the pad is stopping your progress you might wanna try buying a cheap stick.

stop playing the game take a breather. When you play the game again, play different playstyles. In one match play using footsies only, in the other match rush that shit down, on another get the life advantage and run for your life, in another counter only, etc. As for the teching what if the guy is late teching? I do that, that shit owns OS especially against assholes like Ryu with EX Tatsu. You probably cant kara from st.lk because you’re using cl.st.lk instead of st.lk. Dont use CH to much, its a gimmick that gets you killed, you have to use it intelligently, and after a while you’ll learn to use it accordingly. I use it to escape cross ups all the time. As for the pad, Knucklez, Sasaki, me use one. Eventually it will all come together and make sense. Im sure a lot of us here have hit that fucking wall, I did…

BTW fuck Cody, Vega for life

the trick is know your match up. who are you struggling with the most?

@Milf: Good, Sagat’s and Ryu’s mostly, Rufus can be a pain in my ass as well.
@Pedo: I think the problem was I hadn’t played for a few days had a couple of drinks and expected to be at my A game. But more than that it’s frustrating how bad i am at links.
@Mario: Sounds good bud ya I will have to iron out some stuff with you when i got some time unfortunately i have alot of school shit going on right now :(.

It happens to me quite regularly. Suddenly i suck copious amounts compared to how i normally play. Just take a weeks break, maybe more, and you will be back again after that.

same thing pretty much happened to me, I used to be really good in g2, as soon as I got to G1 I felt like a total noob, like as if my opponents knew everything I was gonna do…