Wallcade 4 10 results


SF4 Teams
1 Team Amzing.net (rob ernest)
2 Team Last Bossu (smooth paul)
3 Team Gen masters (thomas cp)
4 Team dictatorship (chris tom)
5 Team Great Fiends Dos
5 Team free Agents
7 Team No Joysticks
7 Team Kilo
9 Team Walk the dinosaur
9 Team 4ocious
9 Team Great Friends
9 Team Mega Rad Squad
13 Team Scrub

1 Wall
2 Craig
3 Zorin
4 Worthless
5 Joey Crack
5 Justo
7 Merkilo

1 Defcon
2 Brandon
3 James
4 Craig
5 Cryonik
5 Essex1
7 merkilo1
7 Cozby

4 singles
1 Rob
2 Wall
3 CP
4 smooth
5 Wilson
5 asiaintom
7 lucky d
7 Sessh
9 vigilante
9 Seiya
9 Craig
9 Essex
13 Defcon
13 Merkilo
13 Ernest
13 James
17 brandon1
17 overclocked
17 Tu bsy
17 Kona
17 mr dash
17 foreverhigher
17 Joey
17 CMX1
25 Zorin
25 black alpha
25 Bob
25 Joey Crack
25 Cozby
25 Justo

Id like to thank everyone who came it was fun looks like Rob is the king of SF4 :pray: I gotta get my ass to work so shoutouts later and SUPER here we come see everyone saturday oh and quick shout outs to Jordan (sessh) good job for the short amount of time youve been playing Im impressed.

I would also like to add that 10 for teams was a bad idea definetly gonna be 20 a team nexttime I was trying to help and didnt help anything.


GGs to everyone. I’ll shout out to sessh too he did really well and he’s got reactions!

Sort of thankful MK~Hands, MK~Hands FADC, etc. etc. is gone in SSFIV because I just can’t seem to do it anymore haha so we’ll see what other stupid shit Gen gets in Super. Oh and apparently no one needs to cross up wall dives anymore because that was removed too.

Hope to see everyone at the SSFIV tournament up here in Lowell, MA. May 2nd!


ggs to everyone i played, thx alot wall for hosting these as usual. hopefully see ya next sat

good shit for smooth and will beating me in singles bah

anyone record the MM’s ? Didnt get to watch was to busy being pulled over :frowning:


Good shit everyone.


ggs to everyone i played, got owned by James’ viper. i barelly know that match up. good shit. can’t wait till super


Gs to all.




thanks wall for this last tourney before super it ran smoothly and was a good time as always

its pretty cool that the first SF4 tourney I went to was the wallcade back in May 09’ and my last SF4 tourney is the wallcade once again

SF4,TGF and the MA scene has been awesome and its been a great year of tourneys and travel, ill see you all when SUPER drops (ill be playing that ken of course :china:)


GGs everyone, great way to send off SF4. definitely not looking forward to Super lol, but we’ll have to see when it comes out. Shout outs especially to Wall for running this and doing what he does for the community and to Ernest for the last second team up. Good shit in teams. Shoutouts to Craig even though you didn’t win HDR ya bum.

Paul any idea who took the vids of the money match between me and Inthul?


left him with no bus money man. he was just a boy and you crushed his spirit


im pretty sure bipson took some footage


tell bipson to upload that shit and post a link.


forever higher the dictator player recorded the vids


GGs to all those I played and thanks Paul for hosting. My partner just never showed for teams so I ran with my buddy who hasn’t played in 6 months, but its all good and we still had fun. Bad shit to me for not bringing a screwdriver to fix my stick after it broke in casuals. Thanks to all that let me use their stick, Merkilo and asiantom, and the tall guy with the 6 button TE. I feel like a douche having to ask to borrow one, i really appreciate it.


ForeverHigher (6:31:10 PM): I don’t have a youtube account and the files are very large, so I will give you the videos on a dvd
ForeverHigher (6:31:17 PM): you vs inthul, I mena
ForeverHigher (6:31:19 PM): mean*

guess we’ll have to wait til i can get a DVD and rip them to my comp. Unless someone wants to get the files from him directly.


someone should just tell him to compress the files in windows movie maker if he can, and making a youtube account takes like 2 minutes.


my random ultra did it


Thanks to wall for hosting, this was my first tourney at wall’s and it was was really sick, good comp, good food, ok drive.

ggs to everyone i played, hope to see everyone for super.


ggs to everybody

goodshit to who beat me and bad shit to who lost to me.


Missed this one, but i’ll try to make the first ssf4 tourney

rofl at will having excuses… didnt you say you was gona win this tourney?? :wgrin: