Wallcade saturday were back!

Im gonna have a wallcade the sat the 12th. I do have that special game everyone is talking about for people who wanna play it you know what it is nothing to say about it(dont). It may be every sat from now on but right now its this saturday.

Pauls Place
252 east main st
fall river MA

sat 12th and hopefully more

There is a 5 dollar fee to cover whatever expenses and headaches if you dont wanna pay dont come. The fee will also allow me to continue to hold events like this and tournaments, gotta keep the owner happy.

There is food and drink availiable if you would be kind enough to get them here it would help business and funds future events. (If the owner is making money he will allow me to hold these events)

Anyone who wants to bring a setup for ANY fighter is welcome I have tvs. I will also setup my PS3 with super 4 and 2 sticks

See you guys there.

PS: Akuma is my main again so beware.

I’ll definitely try to make it, Paul. Great to see that Wallcade is back!

Awesome, Ill see if I can make it out. Lately I don’t go out much for SF but I haven’t eaten a streak plate for months.

I can bring an xbox + two sticks. I don’t need to bring a tv?

Oh snap! The original US Akuma is back!

im going to try and make it this Saturday, im pumped that the wallcade is back!

awesome been wanting to eat there for so long!!! LOL

Nice :smiley:

Amazing! I have to break plans to show up to this but I think that’s a must. Good shit for joining the Akuma army once again.

Im the akuma general

There is a good chance I will show up after I work that night.

Oh man I’m glad to see this again. Like DJ said I think im gonna have to drop some plans for this one.

thx for the feedback guys much respect

i’m gunna have to see what i can do to come out to this, i’m sick of super

¿What the fuck is a wall cade?

how can you be if you’re never playing?

on another note, i can’t make it out tonight. it’s unfortunate, but i hope you run one after this so i can make it then

you would know since you’re at robs place every saturday he’s hosting

Wall to save the day! I just messaged you a few days ago, glad to see Saturdays making a comeback. I will be there.

Edit: I’m also dying for a steak plate.

Damn couldnt make it out tonight but next one im in there no doubt

yo phoenix is ass

Great matches everyone, except DJ who didnt play =p. Also…
…Phoenix so free!