Walldive cancel in AE

Been playing some ST HDR lately and noticed that the walldive cancel is a great setup tactic. Guy can cancel his bushin flip into elbow drop, should Vega be able to cancel his walldive in AE? It would give the non-EX walldive some use.

Nope, Capcom doesn’t care about Vega.

I just remembered why I stopped posting here…

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i think it wouldnt change hardly anything. but this is coming from someone who also thinks that adding i-frames to ST wont do much for his game either.

this game is just too slow for walldives or walldives are just too slow for this game. iono which

I don’t think this would go accordingly to character design.

Guy is a bait & punish character. He hasn’t that much footsies, most of his game relies on his ability to bait opponent by interrupting his own moves (run-stop, flip-elbow drop, etc). So he HAD to be able to stop his moves, otherwise he would be almost useless.

Claw has one of the best footsie games of SF. He’d just be broken if he could stop his moves by a button press in the middle of the screen. It’s already good enough he can fake a wall dive an have some « flight » control too.

So… watch for your footsies, man.


Every thread in this forum has to turn into a whine fest about how capcom doesn’t care about Vega or how he needs I.frames etc…

With the exception of a few players here, who coincidentally are the best players that post here.

He doesn’t need I-frames and I’m still laughing at people all “FADC his flip kick!” … You can’t FADC airbourne lawl.

You’re expecting too much. I mean, you can say that one of Vega’s best options against crossup pressure is to block and get called elitist thumbs up

Honestly, as Vegaman says, walldives are too slow. It doesn’t take a lot of reaction to hit them as they are, I don’t think ST-style cancelling will change that either. Capcom will somehow find a way to bawls that up and make him have 60+ frames of recovery X3.

And no, that’s not a “Capcom don’t care about Vega.” I don’t think Capcom care much about their FGs in general anymore. Look at the current state of Marvel and SFxT for further details.

I don’t think Vega needs much of anything… He’s fine the way he is. (other than that dumb nerf to his U2 in AE)

That said… Capcom still doesn’t care about Vega.

Yes because having the most useless Super in the game CLEARLY shows Capcom does care about Vega. It’s also real fun getting frame trapped by Sakura,Cammy,Gen,Abel,Dudley,and Rufus because Capcom cared about Vega enough to give him a reversal. Instead, we sit and block and GUESS when to tech and if you guess wrong the process repeats.

Also, “Complaining about a character means you suck” nonsense is ridiculous. So you’re telling me all those players who complained about how powerful Sagat was in vanilla sucked as well? No, he was blatantly too powerful and people spoke out.

I know it seems like I’m complaining which I don’t mean to most of the time. But, It’s getting pretty depressing never seeing Vega played at high-levels. The only way to do this is by speaking out towards Capcom.

Seriously, I don’t think I ever use super unless I’m being a total troll online. Again, the Super freeze is a dead giveaway and he’s SO easy to hit out of, I don’t think you even have a reason TO set it off.
Why are you even thinking of using your meter for it anyway? You have other BETTER uses that you should be using your meter for to actually get something out of the end of it. Like footsies into a beautiful Izuna drop because you just played it right and got a hit confirm.

Stop pressing buttons when you’re not supposed to. Block and learn to react.

I will still never condone the nerfs that happened to Vega between Super and AE, and we didn’t get the reversal that people were praying for, but if you don’t like it, change character instead of whining about something that will likely never be changed.

Do you enjoy being trolled? Because it seems the harder that you nag Capcom to change something, the more they seem to enjoy doing the opposite.


Yeah his super is useless when you throw it out with no rhyme or reason. It has to be set up after a hard knock down. Preferably after an Izuna Drop in the corner.

Fine, fine I get your point. Frustration is apart of the learning process for everything in life. And right now I’m pretty frustrated with learning Vega.

EDIT: That was directed towards Francys. The quoting on this site is messed up.

Well, I really would like I-Frames on ST simply because of the psychological effect of it.
When I’am poking a shoto I will eventually stop and do nothing just to bait an uppercut. If I guessed wrong and he didnt SRK the hell out of me he is in a good position, I LET HIM be in a good position just because of the fear to get SRKed (especially when he has 2 bars stocked).

People don’t keep blockstringing and frame trapping shotos all day without that little pause to respect the opponent’s option;
So, I-Frames wouldn’t save me that much by itself, but just because its there it would give me the opportunity to walk away in peace.

I think that you guys understood me. English is not my native language.

Slightly bigger hitboxes for St.Hk/Cr.Hp and less recovery frames on far standing Hp wouldn’t hurt. Also never understood why the hitbox for the claw isn’t extended to the tip dumb but whatever. Doubt this game will be seeing another patch of any size at all ever.

Playing vega you still have around 14-18 characters below you in AE, dont complain too much.

Vega has the most excellent footsies in the game and suffers for it in defensive and attacking options.
The only real problem with vega at the moment is that AE is getting more and more about those 50/50 attacking options that vega does not have much of, for the rest he is fine.

As for the walldive fake, i would be happier if vega got reduced landing frames if he did not press a button, but he does not really need it.
A buffed hitbox on the second hit of s.hk would be something i would want more, its supposed to be our focus breaker but the second hit wont hit many focussers.
I find that annoying, now you have to use s.lk > something fast, to break. It would also help s.hk to be a more decent AA… its already a 2 hitter so the AA does crap damage, let it have a decent hitbox.

But then if he reads your ST and DP’s, the DP will win simply because his DP is probably Invul-ey-er (Yes, I DO use this word to explain priority differences on Invul, don’t judge me) than yours :P.
That and ST is 4 frames. DP is 3 in most cases.
It really wouldn’t change the Shoto matchup all that much, especially if it was EX only. Simply because if you’re using it to blow through their footsies (albeit the crMK xx EX.ST crap) you can already do that.

It’s a double edged sword. With Vega you learn the discipline to not throw out random baited reversals because they lose to virtually everything.
Having that invul, in a sense, would give you something to abuse. So would actually make it easier for YOU to be baited.

A better cr. Hp would be alright but st.hk serves the same purpose. If Vega had a real reversal move I agree you would see him place higher at majors. But like Francys said either play him and deal with it or stop whining and main someone else. I’ve seen what some of the really good Vega players here can do, and they’re not the ones complaining.

But, assuming that ST had I-frames, if someone is trying to bait my ST they will just block instead of freaking DP me (unless they can’t afford to take chip).

Yeah, never thought about that. But either way it wouldn’t hurt :). “Use it only a couple times first round and then let the enemy trying to bait that out forever” its a strategy that works pretty well when applied against me, heh.

the only thing it’s going to change if st got ideals is that the opponent will safe jump on your wake up. which means that either st still won’t connect on wake up, or that st will still whiff, trade, or get beat. Just like guiles flash kick but worse… fairly useless. Yeah you’ll have the ability to bow up pokes but no FADC so the damage stops there, a worse hit box, and no way to make it safe. Vega will still suffer the same problems.

if anything changes I was better hit boxes on pokes (going to tip of claw) particularly cHP and sHK. A 10 frame our less startup on all versions of RCF would be my 2nd request. CH being fixed is my 3rd request. I frames on st is like #30 on the list

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A more reliable focus breaker is pretty high on my list

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