Wallpaper/Background request

Hey all. I’m having a joystick made by finkle and he’s apparently much too busy to be doing the artwork that I want on it. I personally don’t have anything but thanks to give to anyone who is generous enough to help me out here.

I’d like to have a Sagat pic for the artwork of the stick. If any of you have ever seen that pic in CvS2 where Sagat has his hand over his chest, that’s the one I’d want. Can’t find that pic anywhere. Anyway the Scheme is Red buttons and black or red background.

Can anyone help a brother out? I got no photoshop skills.
Thanks in advance.

It would help others a lot if you had a template for the stick… Like, a layout of the buttons, maybe finkle does?

Oh, and here:


Thanks for the pic man. I had like every sagat pic in existance almost and then tragedy struck in the form of a drive format.

I’ll see how best I can edit this to get what I want with my noob level skills in the meantime. Thanks again.