Wallpaper Request (Re-Size and Cleaning Up the Image)

hey everyone, the new cover of game informer features batman: arkham city (the sequel to last year’s arkham asylum), and it looks absolutely stunning. i was hoping someone could re-size and clean up the image for me, so i can use it as a wallpaper. i’d try to do it myself, but i don’t have photoshop on my computer at the moment. :sweat:

here is the image:

and here are the details for the request:
[] dimensions: 1280 x 800
] can you remove all of the text on the image except the red text (“Batman: Arkham City / Darkness Descends on the Streets of Gotham”)? don’t remove the “You Are Under Surveillance” sign.
[*] can you also remove the bar code in the lower left hand corner?
i hope the removal process won’t take away from the image. let me know. thanks!

Here is what I was able to do. If you see something that you want fixed or cleaned up just let me know.


Side note
I can’t wait for that game to come out. First part was too good.

thanks, man! looks better than anything i could’ve done. if the rep-groove still existed, i’d ask people to fill up your bar. :tup:

i can’t wait for the game to come out too. i was so disappointed when i kept finding out that it was being pushed back.

No problem man. It sucks to hear that they pushed back Arkham City. It needs to be out NOW!