^^Wallpaper Request^^


I have a sort of tricky wallpaper request.

I would like a wallpaper using this pic:

The tricky part is i like it to have the widesceen black bars at the top and bottom of the picture covering from the top the name of course and just a little bit of the mountains.
I would also like them to have a white boder:

Visual example:

^^ The way the widescreen bars are in this video with the border. Is the way i would like the wallpaper to look.

Also in the upper right in between the trees to the right of the pic this image:

It can have sort of a translucent effect to it.

The sizes i need are


Thank you to anybody who can do this for me.

I will have instant reps for ya :woot:



if you want it resized lmk

the image for the upper right… the lines in it are under 1 pixel wide… so it is REALLY hard to touch up… it might take upward to 20 mins per line to make sure it looks 100% right.

^^Looks perfect!! You have been repped, can you also give me a 1280x1024

again thank you it looks perfect.

sure, i’ll post it later.

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