Wallpaper requests


Ill take a few wallpaper requests, tell me what size, SUPPLY AN IMAGE(unless you want abstract), and color scheme, where you keep your icons etc… You must have an AIM name, so I can do live updates with you, I dont like PMing while I work. So post your request or hit me up on AIM and Ill work on it when I can.

TigerGenocide55 on aim.


can i get these picz in the wp(a ill ass airbursh affect, with in big letter “FAT BLACK”…i dont know want size…can u make it a good size)



Hey man…if you could id love a wallpaper made of some badass Vega pics. kind of like a collage, but if ur able to make a wallpaper out of any single pic on gamegen that you think would look cool by all means go for it. the airbrush affect sounds good. size is 1152 x 864. my favorite pic on gamegen of vega is the one thats from SvC: Chaos. its in my avatar as well (the pic on the right side.) so if you could make a wallpaper out of that itd be tight, but do whatever you can…thanks in advance.


TG, I’d like a wallpaper, but my pics are all at home. I can upload them later, but it won’t be about until 9:30pm EST. Is that alright?


oh and i forgot my aim if u dont remember…maddmexican


Alright no more requests till Im done with these.


Sorry to do this TG, but I won’t be going home at all tonight, so I shall cancel my request. Thanks anyway though.:smiley:


I dont care dude, post em up whenever.


Automatic, get to me on AIM, you gave me some jacked up stuff to use (the sent is fine) so dont expect any miracles.


whats wrong? u need new pics?


Well cable and cyke are cut off so it looks really tacky and you need to right click on your desktop and go to properties, then go to the settings tab and tell me what your desktop is at. Im making the wall at 800x600 and if I make it larger its gonna look even worse. Scan something in if you can.


Exquisites is done, here it is if you wanna see it. Ill take a couple more requests if anyone wants a wall.


yo i have a request i have this picture id like you to add and make it really abstract and cool but for it too say “Nade Ninja” somewhere and make the top right very visible. Ill im you the picture cause i cant post picks on srk ty