So I made this little Javascript program to get all possible punishments or links. You can play with it on this link:

WAMO On Block? - by bubafeast

I suppose a couple of you people may find it useful.

That’s fantastic.

Chance it could become an app in the future? I’ll drop money on it.



Quantserve. Don’t click that shit.

I clicked the link but closed it as soon as I saw the comment. Am I screwed -_-

Thanks. On a MAC.

Didn’t know.

Is it actually a virus or is tony just trolling? If I remember right FGAPR is a legit website, and I have a junk computer I checked it on and didn’t seem to pick up anything weird.

No virus or keylogger.

FGAPR == Fighting Game Arena Puerto Rico, its a legit website of the PR fighting game community.

Can you elaborate? I’ve dug through the javascript source that’s available and don’t see anything that’s eyebrow raising.

Bubafeast…wow…the community owes you a huge debt of gratitude. This is simply stunning.

@Sosage, I assure you he is trolling.

Okay it was just my browser acting up. I left my shit on too long :smiley:

Wow. this is fantastic. You should really make this into a phone app. I have some good tutorials on writing Android apps. The setup of the testing environment is the trickiest part, but the code is pretty simple (especially for the kind of thing you wrote). Let me know if you’re interested.

The only problem is that anti-air only moves also seems to be mentioned, for example, T.Hawk’s U2. I guess there’s moves that are out of reach as well, but not much you can do about that without manual testing. Still, this might prove very useful.

good shit man! Nominated!!

This is really handy!

This is front page material.

I can’t tell if I’m reading this information correctly. Why does Cammy’s Ultra2 show up as an option when Ryu’s Fireball is set as an attack? Is this an error or does this list just show what you can do as a reprisal to some moves? Because CqC doesn’t work against projectiles.

Awesome. nominated.

SRK trolls epic fail.