If this was the WoW forums okay, but what would he be trying to keylog? If he wanted to get some CC info, he wouldn’t be posting up on the SSF4 board of SRK. YO YOUR GFWL PASSWORD AIN’T SAFE NO MORE

Cool app.

As far as anti-air only attacks and stuff like CQC that doesn’t work against projectiles, I think this app is just taking into account the startup of every available move/special/super/ultra. It’s up to you to verify that it is actually viable.

In any case, this is an awesome app, thanks!

Very useful for my Hakan game…time to do some studying!

Thanks a lot.


As I wrote on my first post:
"…program to get all possible punishments or links…"

The “On Block” shows the possible punishments after blocking the attack, if the move is not shown it means its really risky to use (you could get hit with a jab for example). Green connects, yellow connects only as reversal… orange read below.

The “On Hit” shows the moves you can use after you hit them with the move on the left column and will combo. Green combo, yellow 1-frame… orange read below.

Orange moves are moves that connect as counterhit if your opponent tries to attack you. The orange moves can be blocked by your opponent if they block. In the case of moves with invinsibility at startup, you will get hit… since the move is invinsible. The orange moves are been displayed in case you want to do some kind of frame trap and bait an counterhit combo.

So… this program helps you deciding what you could use by showing what options are possible, its up to you what option works best for you.

Also, moves like the Cammy U2 been green after blocking a Ryu fireball, what this means is that the U2 active frames are active before Ryu recovers. Same happens with throws, Hakan U2… etc… they show up as possible options because they activate before your opponent recovers but don’t work because of the move properties.

I don’t understand it. Why would punishments on block show higher numbers (more frame opportunities for punishment?) as well as highlight them in orange (less opportunity for punishment?) if it was a counterhit, when counterhit means more hitstun for you? Obviously I’m interpreting it wrong but i’m only going by what it says…

Hmm I read it wrong, you have to connect a counterhit as punishment… but why would that make any difference? I’m assuming we’re talking about hitting the person before they recover, which takes as long as it takes regardless of whether it lands as a counterhit or not. still doesn’t make any sense to me.

Bookmark’d. Thanks for this!

Counter hit is hitting their startup of a move. I assume he implemented it meaning your move is active at least 2 frames after they’ve recovered so it will counter hit any non invincible move they do.

Very nice work btw.

Great stuff but for a suggestion, Ultra 2 option for Fei-Long and Cammy should be taken out as options since you can’t punish any blocked moves with it, it has to be used prior to blocking and it could be used for any attack that isn’t a throw or a breaker move so listing it over and over is kind of redundant.

The numbers (x,y) means:

  • The ‘x’ is the number of frames you have so it will connect 100% sure.
  • The ‘y’ is the number of frames you can press the button and your opponent will get counterhit’d… unless he makes an invinsible move.

Its a range… so you have from ‘x’ to ‘y’ frames to press the button. If you press it before ‘x’ frames it will connect. If you pressed the button after the ‘x’ frames but before the ‘y’ you can connect a counterhit. A negative number means there is no way you can connect 100% sure since 0 frames is reversal.

And by connect a counterhit I mean you hit your opponent on their startup frames of their move. So if they are mashing c.lp+c.lk you will counterhit them on the c.lk startup frames.

0 its a a reversal obviously. Also, you can use plink to connect the 1 framers… etc…

Great job, hope you get a front page.

Yeah those other numbers are counter hits if they retaliate AFAIK.

In answer to your question, if he was trying to keylog it probably wouldn’t be for you gfwl or anything like that. More likely he’d be aiming for the big stuff like credit card info and yes he would post on a forum to try and find some suckers, he’d be bound to nab a few before the thread got deleted, such has been done before elsewhere or banking information if you shop online or use online banking at all.

Thankfully though he is not keylogging.

And yes it is a very interesting app.

christ this is amazing.

Que cabron, de que parte de PR eres?

Nice. You should add things like what you can use to punish meaties.

[EDIT] If you do plan on adding something like that, then keep in mind that the hit/block stun values of certain moves can change depending on how they connect, so you can’t really rely on the frame data.

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props to buba,this shit works

found some errors. Cody’s Hammer Hook should be -6 on block instead of 6.

and his Focus Attacks lvl 1 & 2 should be -21 and -15 on block not 21 and 15

great program! thanks!