Wanna bully gay people? Come to Tennessee!

Once again my home state makes the news with its incredible backwards hi jinks.
Look out Mississippi and Alabama! The volunteer state is gunning for the number 1 spot in intolerance!

Sweet! So next time I decide to beat the hell out of some random homo, I can play the god card and get off scott free! Yee haa!

Like, white conservative Christians?

So if my religious beliefs allow me to beat women, I should move to Tennessee? Fantastic.

And people wonder why nobody cares for politicians anymore.

Wow a law that justifies white Christian privilege in 2012 . Yo I fucking hate this planet.

Good show human race.

this shit boggles my mind!

Why stop there? Jews, Mormons, Muslims, single mothers, pro-choicers, colored people… provided you’re Christian (being white probably doesn’t hurt either) the sky’s the limit in Tennessee! Go vols!

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Does any of this really surprise you all? When I hear the states name along with a few others, I’m waiting to hear something stupid like this.

I wanna bully gay people.
Where is the sign up sheet?
/Looks around

You’re kidding me…

Does it really make a difference if you’re doing this because you sleep in church every Sunday or don’t go to church at all? Speaking out against homosexuality is one thing, but telling gay/lesbian students that they are going to hell because your religion “calls for it” is another. You don’t go to school to preach, you go to learn the Darwin theory.

Can I bring some anointing oil to school and smear some on the ass of that strawberry blonde lesbian in gym? I’m trying to get a raging demon out of her. My religion calls for it!!

another example of the stupidity of the godawful desert dogma religions

what an embarssment

Gay people are cool, they don’t like women. More women for me.

i love how America was supposed to separate church and state, and yet church always seems to win.

My religion requires me to burn down the homes of Tennessee state lawmakers while they and their families are still inside

I’m sure they’ll understand

People who speak out against homosexuality for religious reasons are generally full of crap.

I say that, because you almost NEVER see those same people rally against pre-marital sex. Or even domestic violence. In fact, it seems that among the sea of things that the bible says is wrong, they only selectively seem to be bothered by homosexuality. Fancy that.

I’m a bit confused; yeah, I agree that we shouldn’t be making protections for bullying based on religious grounds, but I haven’t seen the whole document. Does anyone have a link?

It seems like the law is stating, “You’re allowed to say that you don’t like gay people because god told you that you didn’t,” but it also says that you can’t make threats or infringe on another’s rights. Technically, it sounds like free speech to me. Am I missing something? Again, I haven’t seen the whole bill. Seeking link please.

While I agree that your right to say homophobic things is fine, you have no legal right to ridicule certain people with that right, and there is a place for it. I’d get fired for saying shit like that or saying racist shit at any job, so saying it at school shouldn’t be protected by free speech. Besides religion has no place in schools.

People need to learn their asshat beliefs and fears do not a religion make

Move to Iowa, just saying.

I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t Tennessee, lol.