Wanna Buy A Gundam?



Secret Santa can’t come fast enough


Time to make a Kickstarter page.


well said:


Great, so now what are poor people going to do against rich people? They have fucking robomechs.


It’s official…

I’m gonna have to win that damn lotto. I don’t think I’ll be able to die peacfully until I get to do a japanese chick doggy style on the dashboard while rolling down some random streets in one of these.



Only JAPAN can ruin giant robots with this moe bullshit. Niggas gonna have hentia decals on these and female ai’s when they get mass produced. Nigga will commit suicide when the ai declines his marriage proposal.


well for starters learn practical chemical warfare, learn to make bombs with a small but strong blast radius which will incapacitate the robot’s joints, learn where the city gas line is and rig it so that you can detonate it remotely, create corrosive compounds and aim for cockpit or the upper joints of the cockpit where the frame is weakest and most prone to failure.

On a serious note, I wonder what kind of weapon systems will be incorporated into this suit, once other countries X-copy. And more importantly how they will be deployed on the battlefield. this seems like an excellent anti-personnel weapon system, but will lack the necessary defense systems to defend from heavy weapon systems.


America spent about 1-1.45 trillion dollars on defence, in various ways.

The US could afford roughly 3/4 of a million of these if they really put there mind to it. I am also willing to bet there would be a discount on a bulk order.


Damn, they finished that way quicker than i imagined…i remember hearing about them starting on this a few years ago…


Lol, only 10 km per hour? That’s less than 6.5 mph: :rofl: Anti-personnel my ass. I doubt these’ll be replacing tanks or helicopters any time soon. The next model better have a tractor beam or a Cyrax net.

I want me some Iron Man armor, not a mecha.


Nigga please, we use that Hertza Haeon where I am from. You one of them little Anfangers that wants to master weak sauce techniques like Kurz bombe Kunst because your meager skills won’t allow you to become a true Meister. Stay fighting in Earth gravity noob!!!


You can’t have Iron Man armor in an active combat zone that has allied soldiers. It’s power source will be nuclear, and that’s just to much of a liability for the nation that’s using it. Colateral damage would be too big. Mecha is the future for a one man army.

Refined mecha armor, like this one, will allow for a more maneuverable human tank. ONe that is lighter, faster, agile, smaller target than a tank, and can defend itself much easier from enemy personnel units. You aren’t thinking long term if you don’t think this has real practical application in the battle field. This won’t replace tanks, because tanks have a very specialized role (plus they have secondary strenghts which make them versatile weapons), and won’t replace helicopters. But it will greatly supplement infantry units in CQC environments (such as urban environments), even more so than tanks.

im no match for you. Now I commit seppuku


My first thought is how cool would it be to have two of these and race your friends down the street. Even though it’s pretty slow, I think it could be a lot of fun.

There’s room for a lot of customizations here. It wouldn’t take much to customize of to fire paintball rounds. Which leads one to the obvious thought of what kind of real weapons could be fit on it. Overall the engine doesn’t seem very strong, and it needs much better suspension, and tires. I also don’t see anything to indicate exactly how strong those arms are.

Either way, I’m forwarding this to all of my engineering buddies, a few mechanics, and some weapon aficionados. Gonna have a round table discussion. Between this and the Halo Suit/Trojan…the future is upon us.

Nah, I expect them to use girls to sell these. Think about. Car magazines always have hot chicks in bikini’s bending over them. Why would mech magazines be any different? As for the Hentai Decals? Yeah…people are gonna get pretty crazy.

Goddamn robosexuals.


Actually, the Abrams can travel at 25 mph IIRC. Sure it’s lighter, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. An RPG or mine would devastate the mecha and the pilot inside. In addition, there are far too much external equipment and moving parts, like the arms and legs, for this to be viable for close combat applications. I looks like it will require several design modifications before it will see any significant military use. It could be quite useful for police use, though.

The Iron Man suit thing was a joke. We’re nowhere near the technology that a similar suit would require.


Which is why I said, refined versions of mecha would be a valuable asset. This plastic toy is a joke as it is.


OMG. :rofl: I wasn’t thinking about that. I just hope they will try to stay tame with the decals at first. the hottie silhouette painted in army colors should be cool, but nothing is gonna save that cockpit when they start loading porno voices into the A.I. I’ll be REAL surprised if we don’t see Tachikomas sitting at the red lights inside the next two years. Cannot WAIT to see how the new age of car wrecks is gonna go down. Bitches is gonna be piled up to the third story and hanging off bridges and lightposts everywhere. Believe it.



So you can set it up to fire guns with just a smile. It fires 6000 rounds a minute.


edit: this would be useful as an unmanned vehicle, or when you want enemies to expend RPG’s on non living members of your army. With proper plating, these could easily have uses in military hot spots. If they could increase the speed or add jump jets, RPGs wouldn’t matter. Hell, with a good targetting AI and thermal vision and other on board goodies, you would be shooting them from a distance, through walls, before they even load a rocket.


not Wing Zero custom:bluu:


The hell? How am I going to go Heavy Arms shooting BB’s at people?


Next model is the Shining Kurtas.

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to buy you! Take this, my check, my debit, and all of my savings! SHINING KURTAS BOOOOOOOOOOOUGHT. *shining kurtas purchased.


Ring of Red reminds me of this… and Front Mission. Does it come in red?