Wanna get into the Seattle SSFIV scene

What up, guys?

My name’s Jake and I’m turning 21 pretty soon. Like the title of the thread states - I’m looking to get better at the game and play with a more diverse crowd. Right now I’m exclusively playing with two friends of mine who both play rog and I would much prefer to be able to play and learn matches with a wider variety of the cast, as well as a variety of player styles, as well as just be able to get hype watching some other people play. I play Ryu and I’m trying to work on my abel.

I just made an account to make this post, but I’m by no means new to srk, been lurking around since vanilla came out, only really looked at the region specific pages a little bit back though. I live in the white center/west seattle area; if there any players around there I’d like to get together so you can smash me or if any carpools near are headin up to the dojo at any point I’d gladly pitch in a few bucks for gas for a ride up there now and again.

Also, btw haven’t got my hands on super yet, but I’m hype as **** for it - anyone know of a place selling it early?

Do you go to South Seattle CC? Just throwing that out there because you are college aged and reside in el centro blanco.

Yeah, I do haha, actually posting from there right now. You go there too?

Welcome to the scene. The dojo is definately a good place to start. There are people playing there almost all the time, with skill levels ranging from beginner to VERY advanced. A lot of people roll through there as well, so it’s also a good place for you to introduce yourself.

Also, if you’re looking for ryu advice specifically, try to flag down tanaka. He can teach you a lot.

Welcome to the scene. As far as I know, there are some people from your area that play. Pablo works at South CC. Like Mikehascookies said, the Dojo is a good place to check out. You should also check out Tournament Wars every Saturday Night at the Executive Best Western in Seattle Center.

I work there cuz. The other day my coworker and I were passing through the Olympic building and we saw some dude looking at SFIV vids on youtube. That is why I asked if you went there. Hella random but I had a hunch. My mexi-powers are too good. Nice one.

IMO SFIV is garbage but more players coming into the community is a good thing. I am sure somewhere down the line me and Airthrow, who also works there, could get some games in. I’ve been playing these silly ass fighting games since 1994 so I know a thing or two.


Yeah Tournament wars is actually a great way to see what the scene is all about.

I just got into the local scene last week and even though ive won less then 10 matches in the 5 times ive been to the dojo im still headed there tonight for an all nighter. The level of hype there is addictive. basically like has been said, go to TW and the dojo as often as you can. also post here if you wanna go to gameworks:


It might entice someone into goin. i havent been there since super leaked but id imagine there isnt as much demand to play vanilla.

just jump in, people have been pretty cool and im as new as new.

Eh, fuck gameworks, with that outdated vanilla shit haha.

Yea dude, come to Tournament Wars this Saturday like Pat said.