Wanna help me find a stick?

last few days ive been going insane trying find a stick for my dreamcast or ps2 or both, im currently playing a copy of mark of the wolves on dc and loving it but needless to say the d pad has woken me up to the world of arcade sticks. any tips , recommendations , or need to knows will be much appreciated.

Any PS2/Dreamcast arcade sticks are hardly sold anymore, thus you not able to find any. The best way I can think of right now is to check Ebay.com, Amazon.com, and craigslist.com and see if anyone is selling an arcade stick for the Dreamcast. Other than that, there’s nothing you can really do besides waiting and hopefully get lucky that someone is selling one.

ive been on ebay almost won a mas stick today that sold for 150+
im just sketch about ordering a 90 dollar dreamcast arcade stick from japan with no returns right now, also wanted to know what are some good dependable ps2 arcade sticks mostly, im new here is there a forum for selling/trading ?

For PS2 it’s pretty much the HRAP line or MAS.

Scroll down for the trading outlet.

is a tekken 5 hori collection as good quality as arcana hearts 2 are they the same? i read tekken is cheap hori parts. im looking at both of those. you can tell ive learned some stuff in 2 days lol.

or i might get this instead -http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks~mas~hori~/dual-pro-mas-stick-for-ps-ps2-dreamcast-w-competition-stick-full-size-dualmascompfull-mas-detail.htm
you see my confliction/confusion here

Call MAS and order. They will hook u up.

word whats their number?