Wanna know what's depressing?



So ranmasama is a player from the Shreveport area which is where I live. He just recently went to Japan on vacation and while he was there he played against the mahvel folk. One of those folks being Abegen. You know how depressing it is to watch a dude you play against almost every week DESTROY one of your character influences?


Bright side: maybe you’re better than you think you are, and Abegen isn’t that much better you.

Dark side: when two people of equal or close skill play each other, the deciding factor may very well be the strength of the characters, tier-wise. Ranmasama has better characters.

Tangent: If you’re coming to Absolute Battle on Nov 11, I challenge you for the title of best Tron in the South, lol.


Ranma’s team just sorta destroys ABEGEN’s team, though.


Abegen don’t know about the invincibility of Tron’s Lunch Time?? Coulda punished Hagger fists.


Oh right I should put that in the Matchup thread, its kinda where it goes anyway.


T-T I wish I was going to Absolute Battle. I WISH. I’m broke and can’t afford it. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DROPPING TRON ANYWAYS, JAYTO. LIAR.


i keep trying to drop her, but i keep coming back. she’s like a bad drug. ironically, the team i’m trying to switch to does have bad matchups that tron kinda covers…


One day we’ll have the “Best Tron in the South” ft10.
Sound good?


ft10, Tron character lock? Sounds like a terrible idea.

Better make it f15, fanatiq format, lol.


Be sure to record. :open_mouth:

We need more Tron mirrors in the video thread,


We really don’t, but it’d be fun, lol. Why don’t you come spectate? It’s looking to be a pretty hype tourney.


I already have the best tron in the south lel

Tron mirrors is bakas


Which is why I need video evidence of it.


If I run into PlanetSmasherr, P2W JonJon, or these 2 new Tron Players that randomly appeared here in GA, and play them in tournament this thursday, I’ll be sure to link you up!


I actually still need to get bodied by you, so you can be the official “Best Tron in The Peel Region”. Not that there’s many Tron’s anywhere lol.


lol just come out to the next decent sized TO tournament. Ill likely be there.


I should’ve asked to play you while I was at T13 D: Oh well. I have time to practise to bit more before I get bodied lol.


Oh wait now that I think about it, I think I saw youre name on the pools. Yeah should have hunted me down, im not too hard to find.


I was the dude asking you for advice with the Zero match-up. I should’ve asked you play right there.


OH RIGHT. And yeah she does kinda get bodied since he just runs away until he lands a buster.