Wanna make some cash? Find a Poison player Thread



Its pretty self explanatory. To find another poison player to practice with all you have to do is put in your Psn tag, Xbox gamertag, or your tag for Pc (Once it comes out.)

My Psn is Devilstar22 for anyone who wants to join me in usf4 poison practice. So have fun and post your tags.




Do you guys really like mirror matches? I personally find them quite dull.


I don’t enjoy most mirror matches. They can be really tense because there is a lot of pride on the line if both players main that character.


You never know what you might learn playing a different player that plays the same character as you


Psn: xxAR_BlacR3ap3r

I generally hate mirror matches as well but it’s like lycan said you could learn something new about the character from it.


Well, this thread can also be used for people hunting for Poison players to increase their matchup experience. I know I’ve gone to character forums and done the same.

PSN DrakeAldan
I’m in northwest Florida near Pensacola.

Hm, I wonder if I should turn my XMB notifications back on. In SCV it caused slowdown and dropped connections…


Well now that depends on which character it is. Ryu vs Ryu can be pretty good. Makoto vs Makoto is just a full on slug fest. Blanka vs Blanka is damn stupid. Guile vs Guile is pretty boring.


XBL - Icewrench
PSN - Stormwrench (Probably won’t get the PS3 version for a while)


You all can use other your subs to help with the match ups you have issues with. For some reason I cant stand mirrors like Rose v Rose but I love Makoto vs Makoto.


I might as well. I plan on dabbling in Elena and T.Hawk as well though so my Poison knowledge and play may not be superb. Also, I’m kind of ass at the game.

PSN : SatsuiNoHatman
360 : Hatman EXTRA
PC : PunkHatman (Steam)

Region : Eastern Canada.


SD ATAX1S on xbl


PSN: DarkOrchid.

I play her alot but I main Guy.

Realized what I said doesn’t sound right out of context.


A true Poison Fan - “Complex Identity”?


Hey guys my psn is it’s_Bailey_Jay


XBL Infineetee. Chuck us a message if you want a brawl.


360: BTeKs


xbl: openaperture72


Psn: ks_tali
Xbl: HashMoneyKSTali

Toronto Canada
Also my Ken main for 4 years is my sub now, I can help you with the Ken vs Poison mu

Poison vs Poison Is horrible


if anyone wants to do some mirrors hit me up. I’m on my friends account it’s : Jershzig on xbl.