Wanna see how scary I am?


posts evil photo’s of self

These were taken today…

(I didn’t know where else to put this thread… so, sorry if I got it wrong…)



(Psst, Post your photo’s too! I want to see what you all look like! :slight_smile: )

sips on her Jasmine Green Tea UGH, am I yuck or what…@.@ Aw well, at least I look like I should XD.



:confused: Braces self for the onslaught of posts that are about to flood this thread

You are not a bad looking girl at all. Where is your boo Bison??


Amen ta that! Yer not bad-lookin at all, actually… Hell, I’ll even be the first to post my pics as a symbol of my appreciation!:lol:

Don’t forget to delete the “http://”

The first pic was me in christmas '88, I think I was 2 there… The second one… I hadta get a pic taken for my self-portrait… and the attachment…(-_-) is me fiendin over the comp…

::sighs in dissapointment…::


Your cute!..in a wierd sorta way:o :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you do look kinda scary staring like that.


Gah… heres another.


Woopsy, sorry for te DP, it just didn’t seem to want to edit.

That last pic was a bi wrong. So I’ll now post the RIGHT one!


come on show us a little more skin in the pics. whats up wit the long sleeve shirts? and could you get a hot looking friend to join you? this is going to turn in to a porn site really soon.


Girl your funny, you and your M. Bison fetish, I expected to see a poster or two in the background. Instead I see a bed. What the o_0!? Hey did your av just blink!?


Uhh, yeah. It did blink. o.O

Nah, I don’t have any MB posters :frowning: Wish I did tho :frowning:

And I don’t like showing skin like that… -.o


At work…with a camera that doesn’t know how to take indoors lighting…

Bison is fucking cheap

Pedophiles everywhere are pleasuring themselves everywhere because of your pics.



Here is blury pic of me at christmas of 2002, when my dad said my sister would be moving out lol.


Uhh, I dunno what happended there.

lets try this…



that’s all i have on my comp.


okay here it is…I think I am ugly


Your not. Seriously. :slight_smile:



That’s not YOU!!!

:confused: Or IS it…?


lol!! aight kandoken you had to spoil the fun…