Wanna See Street Fighter? LOL

click on the attachment LOL


“:hp: :mk:”
":bdp: :lp: reversal"

HAHAHA, good shit!

I still don’t get what the guy did after the punch and kick.

Booo, he did a wake-up super.

Saw that before

LOL, awesome.

That’s the kind of cosplay that is actually enjoyable for the spectators, as well as the participants.

The guy on the left looked like he was taunting or something, after the kick.

The guy on the right did a reversal DP, or a reversal super perhaps.

Did you say, “Hi”, to Marty?

When you were in the past.

The wake up shoryuken is gold. :rofl:

Shooooooryuken! :rofl:

Shoryuken? You’ll shoot your eye out kid

Funny Shit!!! :clap: :tup:

good, but old as hell.


WHERE THE HELL YOU GOT THAT BRAINWASHED DAIGO PICK ??? holyshit i can’t find that in snowstorm’s site and daala’s site

Haha…old,but still good to see again.The way the dude on the left comes tumbling down after the Shoryuken is golden…:rofl: