Wanna sport this at Evo?

The first SF4 at Evo. It’s a momentous occasion. Well, I’ve designed a line of shirts for premos in the srk community, and hey, I’m making them available if you’re gonna be there.
Get hype…!!

The run is crazy limited(only 25 total), but if you snag one that gives ya all the more awesome points eh?

Kept cost at bare minimum @ $10 a shirt. You can purchase 'em(one per person) at wakasashe.blogspot.comMeet up and pick up at Evo!

PM or blog comment me with any questions.

I like these, I might get some. Be more sick if the shirt were BIG all on the shirts, make its more attracting.

Dang Evo time’s close. Last update!

If you still would like a shirt,

-Go to the blog site and purchase them there, wakasashe.blogspot.com
-Twitter me via @thefedups on Thursday-Friday and I’ll meet you within the Rio Hotel

Shirts run $10; I’ll be bringing some of the shirts in various sizes’ If you find me on the game floor, you can also just demand I get one for ya on the spot. :wink:

Maybe if you had a XXXL… but it doesnt look like you have any love for the fat SF4 players.

Yeah, what TuboWare said… Hook me up down the line, bro since I never did get my hands on one of these since well… I don’t live in Cali, haha.