Wanna start doing avatars (n00b)

i want to know how to start from scratch.

what is the most reccomended photoshop (i’m trying to get adobe)

besides from the tips on the stcky section, what tips can you give me?

how do i rip my own sprites?


adobe is probably the best to go with. i guess all the tips in the sticky should help. just play around with photoshop. im a noob also. look at my ugly avatar

don’t say that your av is kicking but the background… is something else

  1. Pick an image editing program. Photoshop/Imageready, Gimp, or Paintshop Pro. (It doesn’t really matter which, they all have the same basic tools.)

  2. Type the name of your chosen image editor along with the words “newbie tutorial” into google.

  3. Start doing all the tutorials.

  4. ???

  5. Become an avatar making god.

what in the hell are you trying to tell me…i know my av sux…