Want a custom stick? Come in here! Official custom stick builders thread

Looking to buy a modded Dreamcast stick with either seimitsu or sanwa parts (Preferably seimitsu buttons and bat top sanwa stick).

Custom fightsticks (old school type) and Dual Modder

Spreading the word to anyone in the Monterey county area etc., that wants a Dual Modder. Look me up.


Could somebody either make me the cheapest possible hitbox style stick for ps3, or mod my current stick to be hitbox style? I hurt my hand and can no longer use a stick.


I’m looking for someone to make my a new wooden viewlix case. I’m from Poland, so you’d have to ship it. PM please :slight_smile:

More info in this post:

Pretty much need USB/X360, using this more for computers via emulation. Needs to be all Seimitsu parts.

Worse, I went to soujistiks.com and it had a fake flash installation that tried to trick me into installing what is probably a virus.

I will close this thread and make a new one since after SRKs remodel, all previous links dont work

I need a hori rap v3 modded to pPS4 compatability with a headphone jack and art changed to akuma black and red sanwa buttons silent buttons please

Why when I click on the link in this thread, all links are not working?

Hi @damasio , welcome to SRK.

Most of the links in this thread are pretty old. More current modder contact info is in a similar thread in the Tech Talk section of the forum. See link below:

I updated all the links I could figure out in OP, but – the other thread is indeed better.

Looking for a modder who either has a frankenpad or is willing to put one together. PS4/PC PCB preferrred. Hit me up!

Hi all, I am looking to make some sticks handmade in Aussie land to sell, is this the right thread to start introducing myself?

You have to be on the forum for awhile before you can sell your wares. The trading outlet (which this post you replied to is on) is where you would post after you meet requirements.

Sorry to be dumb, are alot these retailers stoped?

Do you sell it to Toronto, Canada?

Are you responding to a post from 2011? I retired 7 years ago.

Hello im trying to PM people but for some reason i cant But i live in Miami,Florida And i want a Custom MixBox Please PM me i have Money

This only stick button swap and custom decal but anyone in bris want help with a project can let me know.