Want a custom stick? Come in here! Official custom stick builders thread

I live in the Boston area, I’m looking for a builder that can make me a wonderful peice. I’m looking to spend 0-300$
I want it made of wood
Neutrik mod
Ps360 dual mod
About 1-1.5inch tall (I like em slim)
Possibly led button mod?
I could provide art or I could order from someone else, but I’m thinking of applying a t.hawk ibuki theme.

On with any possible solutions, I’m sirious.

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Any stick makers in the Philippines? :smiley:

which one of you modders sells the dual platform pcb boards? im lookin to buy about 3 and if 1 was wired ready for buttons that would be good.

Your best bet. For now at least until the PS360+ is released.

Ok I’m looking to get a custom stick but I’m wondering how much it would cost?

Normal size stick
Black and Gold with black outer frame
New Orleans Saints logo on picture
Ps3/360 dual compatible

Can somebody tell much that would cost if I were to buy that?

I can do it for $225. It’s pretty cheap considering the amount of time and work we are putting into it. PM me for specifics.

My new company “Whaaat!”, Here is our first stick, curly maple and cherry, sanwa stick, semitsu buttons, custom ball top.
Basic sticks run from $200 and up. Customized for you. This one is going for $350

You are not allowed to sell or provide service with cost to SRK yet.
Until you meet the requirements.

Go make your posts though, that’s some nice casework.

I noticed that some of the links to threads don’t work anymore, anyway somebody can fix that?

I wanna dual mod my 360 stick to DC, can anybody do this?
Also does anybody do custom stick art?

Ok I want to get a custom stick and I’m wondering if anyone can make it to my custom details within a short time frame

Normal size stick
Black and Dark Blue with black outer frame
Jill in Her White colour Costume, and Ghost Rider in his Alternate Costume
My choice of button and joystick ball top colors (Dark Blue Buttons and Black joystick ball top)
PS3/360 dual compatible

Does anyone sell dual modded PCB’s? I’ve got a Hori RAP VLX for the PS3 and I want it duel modded. Can I just buy a PCB that someone has done all of the complicated mess with, so that I can just install it in the case, attach the buttons and run a USB/RJ45 cable?

Did Souji stop making sticks?

Hello there.
My WICO P360stick has died.I’m in Texas and unsure if MAS is still in business. Like to have this stick repaired for the summer.
Any stick repair ppl on the west coast? You’ll get paid properly.

Can you please add my services to the list.

Fort Worth, Texas
Types of Sticks: Custom arcade stick, Modified manufactured sticks, custom/Refurb arcades.
Average Price: $417 for dualmod Sanwa joystick, 8 sanwa/seimitsu button complete stick.
Sale Thread: Kleners Custom Stick and mod service. DFW texas
Website: http://s266.photobucket.com/albums/ii245/kleners/joysticks/?albumview=slideshow
Email: Kleners@gmail.com

I need a dual mod done to my DC MAS stick. I want it to play xbox 360 as well. How much will this run me?

Seriously, this thread needs to be updated. Most of the links are no longer active.

Hi guys, I’m looking for a custom blank case with these details:
Normal size stick with black and light or neon blue painted shell
Plexi for art in top
Astro Layout, but able to have a JFL mounted without the plate and just by the body.
4 24mm buttons in hitbox layout above the JFL (want to use a link to switch back and forth from hitbox/stick)
Hole for Neutrik and Start, Back, and Home