Want a custom stick? Come in here! Official custom stick builders thread


Most of the links are broken.
If the custom builders took ownership and updated their links, that would be great!
Especially since the thread is stickied!


It’s up to the OP to update the 1st post.
Details for me in my sig.


Can I point out that most of the links seem to be broken now?


Hey can anyone here build custom stick cases? im looking to get a specialized hitbox made, please pm me if this is your line of work!


hi can someone contact me regarding a custom stick made. either PM or dannyny@gmail.com thanks in advance


Stick builders will not come looking for you. You have to contact them.


Soujistiks is closed, he pretty much has been scamming for the last year or so.


Hi everyone I’m new here and would like to get advice on what stick to buy, thanks Leo.


Does anyone know if Satek is still in business? I’m looking to get a poplar wood DIY case made, he sold them at an unbeatable price!


so there are absolutely no custom stick builders anymore? all links are dead above in the OP. need someone to build a custom korean stick case…ready to do this now


Mago does Fanta cases



Looking to buy a modded Dreamcast stick with either seimitsu or sanwa parts (Preferably seimitsu buttons and bat top sanwa stick).


Custom fightsticks (old school type) and Dual Modder


Spreading the word to anyone in the Monterey county area etc., that wants a Dual Modder. Look me up.



Could somebody either make me the cheapest possible hitbox style stick for ps3, or mod my current stick to be hitbox style? I hurt my hand and can no longer use a stick.



I’m looking for someone to make my a new wooden viewlix case. I’m from Poland, so you’d have to ship it. PM please :slight_smile:


More info in this post:

Pretty much need USB/X360, using this more for computers via emulation. Needs to be all Seimitsu parts.


Worse, I went to soujistiks.com and it had a fake flash installation that tried to trick me into installing what is probably a virus.


I will close this thread and make a new one since after SRKs remodel, all previous links dont work


I need a hori rap v3 modded to pPS4 compatability with a headphone jack and art changed to akuma black and red sanwa buttons silent buttons please