Want a pelican ps2 to ps3 adapter?

Ill trade for a Hori EX2 considering I paid a arm and a leg for it, plus I know there is someone out there who hates that stick. PM me or call me if interested crosses fingers 254-466-0392. Btw I used it for about 2 weeks then my PS2 MAS broke. Lame.

i dont think you will find anyone willing to trade for a pelican man

considering the real adapter is better then the pelican an only costs $11 :confused:

I think HE’S the one with the pelican.

he wants to trade his pelican for a hori ex2 because his ps2 mas broke , he only used the pelican for 2 weeks

i think … dont quote me lol

this is not true. Pelican is by far superior due to usb plugs alone.

Is it that bad? Does it justify paying 70-80$ on Ebay instead of 10$?

thats utter crap man , there is nothing wrong with the usb plugs , the real adapter out preformed the pelican in every test i ran

both on ps3 an on my mame cabinet

anyone who pays top dollar for a pelican is just plain stupid do your research everyone who has owned a pelican an a real will tell you the same thing


Is there something I wasn’t told? I have 2 of them and have been using them for about 3 months and have no issues with them. Not sure what you mean by USB plug?

i can fix your ps2 mas if you’d like.

The plugs don’t hold very well, at least my pair doesn’t. They haven’t fallen out or anything but they are very loose. If I was not using a stationary joystick I think there is a good chance they good fall out while playing.

sorry for my interruption, but the same thing is happening here