Want combo/match vids on my laptop

I have a youtube account with around 236 vids. I want them on my laptop. Why? Cuz I am tried of having to go online to see the same vids over and over again. I just want to have these vids on my laptop. I don’t know where or how to get them. They all are found on youtube. Here’s what I got:
:nunchuck:Accent Core, SF 3, CVS2,Melty Blood, Hokuto No Ken,SFA3,KOF XI,KOF Reg.A,Big Bang Beat, VF 5ver.C and ver.B,Tekken 5…and some Madtv and AMVs.
The purpose of this is so I can have match/combo vids with me whenever.

Wow, I was litteraly going to create a thread about this site…