Want Guy in future Street Fighter games? Be sure to vote



Vote here! Apparently Capcom will be using this to help determine who makes it in future Street Fighter games.

Hopefully he gets a lot of votes. Guy isn’t really one of the first characters a lot of people think of when it comes to Street Fighter, so it’s not really a sure thing that he’ll be in future games.


I voted for Guy and a bunch of under appreciated 3rd Strike characters. I’m sure they will keep Guy/Cody/Haggar going in future games, I think Capcom have figured that Final Fight = WIN by now. But I really hope they bring back characters like Twelve, Q, Urien, Sodom… they have a big enough well known roster from their previous games without having to create even more new characters again.


I would like to see Guy and Maki, Karin and R. Mika in a tag team game.




I can’t imagine Guy not being in future street fighter games. He should actually have been free to play and in the original roster of Street Fighter X Tekken as well. Hozanto!!