Want: Hayabusa buttons (24mm) Have: Dualmodded 360 Madcatz TE R1

Looking to buy:
[] 1x HRAP 4 Kai with Hayabusa buttons (bought)
] 3x Hori Hayabusa buttons 24mm
Looking to trade:
[*]360 Madcatz TE R1 that’s been dual-modded with a ChImp. Works with legacy support for SFV and natively with 360/PS3/PC.




I may have a Hori Hayabusa for you, lemme go check on that. I’m willing to trade it for a Seimitsu LS-40 if you can get one for me, if I decide to sell it instead, lemme think of a price shipped.


Bump, list edited.

are you looking for hayabusa buttons or kuro buttons?

did hori even release 24mm hayabusas? i thought they came in 30mm only

They haven’t released them to buy separately, only with the Hayabusa hraps. So he’s looking for people who have swapped them out for different buttons pretty much.

Ding ding. I know they’re going to be hard to find, but I thought I’d try.