WANT ONE? - Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition GOLD

First ninja-shots of the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition GOLD for EVOLUTION 2010:

Only 24 of these arcade sticks were made. The only chance to get a hold of one of these is by either placing top eight in Super Street Fighter IV at EVO2010, winning the ladies SSFIV event, OR via raffle live at the event or by watching the EVO2K live stream!

thank you may i have another

I concur with philanthropy’s avatar.

I’ll be watching the entire stream hoping to win one of those babies. It’s sooooo pretty.

It’s raffle time.

you can win just by watching the stream? laaaaaame


it needs a gold ball-top

I agree needs more gold imo

how many made for ps3/xbox360? 12 each?

A gold MESH ball top.

are those real sanwa? ide assume so but for some reason they look similar to my wireless hori stick buttons


are they all for ps3 or the winners have a choice?

This means the other sticks will be less expensive, right? :DDDD

They are all for PS3 as this is a PS3 event.

They are real Sanwa.

Both of those facts make me want this stick even more :l

@MarkMan: Just curious…why the SF4 style body?

The SF4 stick/Vewlix look is more iconic IMO.

It makes for a better trophy.

  • I have another reason why. You’ll see it at EVO. :wink:

nice thats what i thought, i also forgot that TEs use clip ins, i was thinking “ive never seen black sanwa buttons before” but thats only cause i only look for screw ins :-X