WANT ONE? - Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition GOLD

My daughter KAILY (winkwink* nudgenudge*) is excited!!!

Is there any details for the online stream raffle?
Unemployed Canadians that can’t go to Vegas FTW!

On the related subject, hats off to the person who designed the artwork. But I would have blinged out the ball top and buttons to make it more “gold edition”.

#19 will be mine.

Do want. I need a stick for my PS3. :frowning:

To do list:

  • Buy wig, bra, tissues

  • Win ladies event

I wonder what it is :wonder:

A new Daigo Umehara edition fightstick utilizing old style body announce at EVO?

Blue turbo leds?

I’m trying to link this to my friend on facebook and I noticed that it says “Solid Gold Baby”. Is that true? I don’t particularly believe it but it’d be impressive if it’s true.

It’s not solid gold.

If it was, it wouldn’t make a good fightstick ;/

It’s electroplated gold, :wink:

Stick looks nice <3

Markman do we watch the G4 Stream or the Level|Up stream to be eligible to win a stick?

Does anyone know the link to stickam?

When will the raffles start at EVO? :smiley:

Is this raffle again only for USA or is it world widE?

So wait how does the raffle for stream watchers work exactly? If we just click the link from the SRK home page and watch we’re good or what?

yes please explain the detail on winning while watching stream.

I wanna know how to do this aswell.
I missed it earlier cause the stream frozen.

Same stream…

And yeah please explain how the raffle will work!

It’s ustream now? Is this still going down? Stickaim/Twitter chat no longer going, curious if this is going for the ustream chat?