Want to be clear on legal gems for EVO

Regarding Mr. Wizard’s Tweet, “OK the general consensus is to allow the 2013 default gem sets. You will be able to pick gem sets 1 through 5 during tournament play.”

I just want to be sure if these include the ones with the little shopping cart but are checked off when a 2013 save is created? Same as the ones that say “new” when you create a 2013 save?

Also, are Assist Gems banned?

Thanks guys.

Yes assist gems are banned.

He means the new default 3-gem loadouts that came with patch 1.08. Unfortunately, they only show up if you have a new 1.08 save, or maybe if you never customized that particular character. There’s a list of exactly what they are on the last page of the “2013 patch notes compilation thread” iirc.

Kinda feel like they should probably just ban gems if they (understandably) aren’t going to let people customize them, but whatever…

Attack preset
 Display ID:1 Immense Power Land 5 normal attacks
 Display ID:19 Immense Power Land 1 launch attack
 Display ID:38 Immense Power Break 1 throw
 Defense Preset
 Display ID:46 Iron Wall Block 5 times
 Display ID:50 Iron Wall Eat 2 special attacks
 Display ID:56 Iron Wall Perform a guard cancel
 Meter Build Preset
 Display ID:207 Onslaught Land 3 special attacks
 Display ID:205 Onslaught Block 4 normal attacks
 Display ID:214 Onslaught Partner lands a launch attack
 Pandora Preset
 Display ID:24 Immense Power Activate Pandora
 Display ID:245 Proficiency Activate Pandora
 Display ID:139 Divine Speed Activate Pandora
 Balance Preset
 Display ID:1 Immense Power Land 5 normal attacks
 Display ID:48 Iron Wall Block 10 times
 Display ID:205 Onslaught Block 4 normal attacks

Makes sense from a time saving perspective but I still wouldn’t have minded if gems were anything goes, no one has conclusively proven that any of them break the game yet, the game is balanced around their inclusion. They had full gem loadouts at the 25th and it worked fine.

Oh I see now. Thanks very much guys! Ugh, those presets are awful!

Only speed gem is in the Pandora preset, and no life gems?! UGH! Killin’ the spirit of team and player uniqueness.

Yeah the presets are garbage. Who is honestly going to pick pandora?

I’m not seeing the loadouts… Do I have to wipe my data and start from scratch? If so, will I be able to simply download all of the DLC characters and run them again?

We dont know what they are going to do for EVO. We should know for Winter Brawl 7. Be sure to check the stream throughout the tournament for annoucements regartding SFxT as this is the first major for SFxT!!!

Any thoughts on the best out of the presets?

Out of the 5 presets I know a lot of people are going to be picking the defensive set up. However only one of those gems procs when you are actually being hit. So unlike the common defensive set ups you might be seeing online you likely wont be getting full use out of your 3 defensive gems. For that reason I think I will probably be using the meter set up. Or possibly the “balanced” set up.

That is just personal preference though. I still forsee the defensive set up being the most picked.

People are going to run offense and meter.