Want to Build a Simulator?


Whats up everyone,

This is not fighting game related, but as a long time member of SRK and modder myself, I thought I would throw a bone out there to you guys if you are interested.

I am the Director of Operations for a Racing Simulator company named CXC simulations. We build high end racing simulators in Los Angeles. We are located in El Segundo just off Imperial Hwy and the 405 fwy.

We are currently looking for a “technician assistant” to train to become a technician. The job starts at $10.00 per hour with no experience and goes up from there.

I got the job because I brought in an custom stick I built. I know many of you are really talented at building and modding sticks. This is an opportunity to take your skills, hobbies and passions and turn it into a career. It is honestly the best job I’ve ever had, and I hope to see some of you guys get an opportunity to work here too.

Here is our website to get an idea of what you will be building and playing with on a daily basis. www.cxcsimulations.com

So if you are interested or know somebody who is please email me; jordonr@cxcsimulations.com


Jordon Roberts


<-wishes he lived on the other coast. Jealousy!


For those of you who have emailed me regarding this position. Can you also post in this thread to help keep it relevant?

Thank you