Want to build a supergun

can anyone recommend me a good book on electronics engineering that will have all the information i’ll need to know to make this possible? thanks!

Q.R. a supergun? lol what are you thinkin now man?

hahah the revival of the maryland scene

Why doesn’t someone sell a ‘supergun kit’? Actually I’m guessing they do, I just don’t know who/where…

well i’d prefer building it from scratch because i think that would be a cool/fun project :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly because there’s more financial reward for selling them ready built & tested.

The first few links that come up from google are ok actually.

are there any threads started on this? I couldn’t find any… Q.R. we could make it happen man


This thing is a cool idea.

just go to cps2shock.com or check out the Neo-Geo-.com forums. They’ll have ALL the info you need on those sites.

BTW it is EXTREMELY easy to build a supergun.

yup i was thinking something exactly along those lines

hell yeaa youre an engineering major right? which type again?

You could try this too.

i appreciate all the responses, but i want to understand how and why it all works together as well

There isn’t much to understand. A supergun is basically just a bunch of wires and a power supply. An arcade cabinet is no different, the JAMMA harness is just a massive parallell connector where the gameboard is directly interfaced with the cabinet hardware.

you need to know some engineering to build this thing properly and without error, otherwise chances are youre going to make a mistake