Want to Buy A FightStick

I’ve been using the D-Pad on my PS3 DualShock for about a week. It works pretty good, but I know I can do better with a FightPad or Stick. I don’t really want a fightpad much, but I’m really interested in getting a fightstick. My problem is, there seem to be 2 versions. A regular one for about 50 dollars and a “TE” Edition for $150. What is the difference between the two?

And also, I’ve checked every store in my area that could have one and no one does. Is the only way to get one online at this point?


Check it out…might help.
If there is really no none in your area…go online.

The TE is by far better than the SE.

The TE is larger, heavier and sturdier, first of all. It will withstand more general wear and tear, and because it is heavier and larger, will sit in your lap more easily without sliding around too much. The SE is so small that if you play with it in your lap (while sitting, as is the case at tournaments and such) you have to keep your legs close together, which can get very uncomfortable after a while.

The TE also has better quality parts: the TE has Sanwa stick and buttons, which are the same buttons used in authentic Japanese fighting game arcade cabinets. They are very durable, and very reliable. The SE, on the other hand, uses MadCatz’ own branded stick and buttons, which aren’t awful, but they are not Sanwa.

If you’re serious about getting into fighting games, I strongly recommend the TE over the SE. If you take care of it right and don’t throw it and chuck it around, it will last you a very, very long time.

Personally I got a SE just the other day, it is pretty light and small, but generally I havn’t had a problem keeping it on my lap you just have to fiddle around with it. Also you can find tutorials on changing out the SE stick and buttons for Sanwa parts (looks easy enough and I plan to do it next year). Also because it’s cheaper if you come to find you really don’t like a stick you’re not out so much.

That’s my differing opinion for you to consider

I’ve not used a SE. But I have a TE and its such a great quality piece of kit. Also judging from all the reviews there’s no point getting a SE if you want to be become competitive since most end up getting a TE in the long run anyway.

if you are new to fighting games and are unsure whether you will use the stick a lot, GET THE SE. it will cost about the same to mod the buttons and stick if you decide to play fighting games a lot. But if you aren’t a noob, and loooooove fighting games, get the TE.

And read the stickies, please!

just picked up an SE from ebgames.com a few weeks ago and I’m pretty satisfied. Gonna swap some sanwa buttons into it in as well. i would highly recommend it for the price.

get the TE.

if u can, get a te one. if u cant, get a se and switch out the parts. your gonna want something to take the beating your gonna give it learning with the stick

I used a SE case to make a PS2 stick and I hate it.

It’s too small and the slant is annoying.

By the time you replace the buttons and stick. You will have the same price for the TE, just without the wire compartment.

I’d get a TE or a HRAP3, if you shop about you can get a bargin.
For $150 I’d get a plain empty case, components and make a it yourself.

Or you can get the

Or get a cheap stick and get converters. Possibly spend around 100 dollars all together.

Round 2 TE’s sell for 99$, buy the TE seriously. Anyone here telling you to buy the SE and upgrade is delusional, because the TE has everything that a modded SE has plus a few added perks.

I won my TE at a tournament, but my brother purchased his online for 99$ free shipping. You just have to shop around (amazon, dell, matcatz) because some stores have sales occasionally.