Want to buy a SF4 TE Stick need opinions

Hi all,

I’m currently looking to purchase a SF4 TE round 2 stick, but the question I had is this,

While I have a ps3, I also want to use this on a pc as well. The mobo should* be intel based but I’ll have to find out for sure.
I do have one of the original Cthulu boards for ps3 that I never ended up using, so would it be better to get the ps3 version, or the xbox and attempt to wire in the cthulu?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Even if you can get the PlayStation 3 TE to work on PC, the Cthulhu is better at the PC.
So get an Xbox 360 TE and Dual Mod with your Cthulhu.

And a bonus with Cthulhu is that it can play PlayStation 2 games on Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3.
The PlayStation 3 TE cannot do that.

Good to know,

I suppose Ill use up some of this spare wire then and get a USB cable and be done with it. Xbox360 model it is.


*Double post

You can use the USB that is already in TE.

I have the cthulu with the screw terminals on it, I guess I was thinking I could just add wires to the existing connectors on the buttons/joysticks and then screw them down to the terminals. Now that I think about it, im not sure if the joystick would like this method unless it needs to draw +5 from the usb for example.
Sorry, Im coming from the IPAC/MAME side of things.

Wait, you have the Cthulhu or the Multiconsole Cthulhu? Only MC Cthulhu will let you play on old consoles.

I have an original ps3 only cthulu not the multiconsole. I was just hoping to go with a solderless method by connecting the wires off the inputs to the screw terminals on the cthulu then use USB out on the cthulu to the ps3/pc.

You can do that.
Joystick doesn’t need +5V.
Unless you replace the Joystick with one that does need, like an Optical.

You can do that too.
If you want two USB coming out of TE.


Of course after all this, it seems the madcatz store offer expired on the 13th!
Crap :frowning:

Well I was able to score a TE stick and it should be arriving today hopefully. With the solderless method of wiring this to a ps3 only cthulhu board, the buttons seem very simple, but is there a way to find out what wires in the ribbon cable go to the proper directions on the joystick? Im assuming the select/start buttons are QDs as well, so I just need to make sure on the directional connects I think.

You got an Xbox 360 TE right?
Because you are Dual Mod?

The wires for Directionals are labeled.

Quick Disconnect for everything except Joystick of course.

Yes 360 TE with iriginal cthulhu ps3 only.
Perfect, I had hoped if the wires themselves weren’t labeled, then the PCB underneath the actual pins would be. I would love to use only the one USB cable for both but I think with the version of this cthulhu it would not work easily.
Thanks again for everyones help.

Well the wires themselves are not labeled.
But the top and bottom of PCB is.

You can use one USB with Cthulhu.
You just need to use a DPDT Switch to control the Data Lines, or get an Imp to do.

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