Want to buy someones services to MODD for me pays top $$

yea i bought 2 of these already from gamestop to pick up in 1 week and well i would want someone to modd one for me u know sanwa parts and buttons the works.anyone up for the job? that and gimme ur estimate on how much u want and need :smiley:

on a side note: this is aimed at people in socal i assume

not really.anyone in general.im not affraid to ship it no worries. i just want it done cause shoos too lazy and well yea haha

i dont mind modding them.

have you bought them already… cuz it would be cheaper for say me to modd it here after you buy the parts and i ship it to you… cuz like you paying for shipping twice is kinda dumb.

let me know wassup


why would you bump if you already have someone to do it?

Ya i’m in socal. So If you dont want the qualified dj_matrix to do it. we can meet in little tokyo. If you want to go non shipping route.

Costs of parts + 20$labor. If you want custom art I can can make that happen too.