Want to buy: Street Fighter IV arcade jamma board

Does anybody know where you can buy this arcade jamma board? How much would it cost?


Are you serious? Try coinopexpress… and get your 20grand out of your wallet…



you need 2 boards if you wanna make it 2 players so so um yeah thats gonna cost a lot

Good luck buddy.

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:

^Buy 2 of those

Step 4:

Wait till it gets released.

Savings: Around $15,000.

I do have four cabinets. But why do you need two boards? You can’t play two players on one cabinet?

The only other option is to relinquish your soul.

i asked a friend about it and he told me that

You need one individual board for each cabinet in order to play h2h. And since you have 4 cabs(hopefully h2h), you can pay 24k for the whole set. =D


^ ^ ^
I don’t think that guy on the shmup board is for real. The price sounds wayyy too low, and that’s the account’s very first post.

OP, Here’s a link to an article that links to an article that might interest you.

I’m not backing the guy cause I have no idea who he is, but just thought I’d pass the message. It does sound too good to be true though.

for two boards cost you $12,000


sell them so your looking at $12,600 with shipping

im 99% sure that guy is runnin scam

The guy also posted that deal on sega-naomi forums this morning too.

You think twelve thousand dollars is too good to be true? :amazed:

Shop around, and then come a-knockin’.

I think the Taito board with the software alone isn’t that much. I think it’s super expensive when it’s with the cabinet.