WANT TO BUY: Used Nintendo Wii


I’m looking to buy a used Wii as a Christmas present for someone. I’m mainly insterested in the system itself, but a copy of Wii Sports (or Wii Sports Resort) would definitely be a plus. I’m not really looking to buy an entire library of games other than the two that I mentioned.

The system, accessories, and game(s) must be clean and in great, working, and FACTORY condition (not interested in mods of any kind). The original box would be nice, but it’s not required. Any version (white, red, sports edition black) will do as long as the price fits my budget. I have a maximum price that I’m willing to pay, but I’d rather discuss that privately.

Let me know if you have what I’m looking for.

Thanks for looking!


Still looking.


sent you a PM


Still looking. I’ve made some edits to the first post for clarity’s sake.


PM sent if still looking :slight_smile: