Want to buy XBOX 360 Stick! HELP!


Hey guys, just got my console and mvc3 copy. However, I need a stick.
Don’t really care if it’s custom built or company made.

However, I would prefer the stick to only have 6 buttons instead of 8. That really messes me up. Also, I would prefer it be a local sale (I live in Los Angeles).

Anyone who has a stick for sale, or makes them, please let me know.

I appreciate it guys!


I’ve got a marvel vs capcom TE (not the new ones.) It’s got 8 buttons, but I could order some plugs for the last two.


can you send me a couple pictures of the stick? I actually work in Downtown LA, literally 5 minutes away from USC.


I won’t be able to grab a pic until Sunday, but it’s one of these: http://bulk2.destructoid.com/ul/148127-mvc2stick.jpg Bought it from gamestop awhile back, but never used it.


I will never forget this:



You should buy from capcom than get it dual modded which costs 240


BRIGHENNE: How much do you want? Also, could you meet near USC if I buy?

Reedjump: LOL. Hopefully, I will be doing the same thing in MvC3 =)




Lookin’ for $110. My schedule is pretty tight, but I could meet up at around 2-2:30 Tuesday or Thursday.


sounds good. would you be able to “plug” the last 2 buttons for me before i pick up? so that it’s ready to go and i could start playing on it with only 6 buttons right away? i’ve never owned a stick before, and i’m too lazy to have to do anything to get rid of the last 2 buttons myself. would rather just buy in the condition as i want it in. please let me know. i appreciate it, man!


soo you better make sure that dude u buying it from pops in the circular gate on that joystick, cause us mvc2 players hate square movements.


As long as you don’t mind waiting for shipping, that’s fine by me. I can throw in a circle gate with the order if you want that too if you don’t mind covering the cost. I can dual mod too.

Just let me know what you want:tup:


RJ2: Damn homie. It’s been a minute! How is everything?

brighenne: you don’t need to ship. I live in Los Angeles. I was looking for a local sale.
So could you get rid of the last 2 buttons, and make it the circle gate? If so, how much total for pick up near USC?


I meant that I don’t have the plugs/circle gate on me, so I have to wait for them to ship to me, haha. It’s about $10 to get the plugs/circle gate, so $120 and we can meet near USC.


ok, sounds good. when can you have it ready by? the plugs and circle gate installed and everything? for the circle gate stick, if you could, I would appreciate it it if it wasn’t too loose or too stiff either. somewhere in the middle. let me know when it’ll be ready so I can pick up.


Should be good next Thursday. I’ll swap out the spring, but I’ll bring some with me too in case you don’t like it.


ok, then I’ll see you next Tuesday. And this is totally off topic, but I just scratched my mvc3 copy of the game by barely moving the xbox360. This is the second time in a week. I have to pick u a new copy again tomorrow. this is my 3rd time buying this game since the first copy I got 2 weeks ago. bummer! such a waste of money.


Happened to me also. Just rent the game or borrow from a friend that has it, and then save it to your hard drive. Then you can play off of the scratched disc.

How to save games to hard drive: http://www.mademan.com/mm/how-save-games-xbox-360-hard-drive.html


you just saved me $60. I really appreciate it man. I’m a noob when it comes to consoles and anything console related =(


any updates?