Want to Comission a piece of Fan Art

I already posted this in Image Mishmash, but I wanted to get you guys in on it too.
I want some cool hi-res color art of Leopaldon for a custom stick.

For details and a couple of pics of Leopaldon for reference, check the original thread HERE

I looked at the thread, and I could do it.

But what the hell is that thing ? Is it from a new Guitly Gear game coming out ? It’s crazy looking.

How big would you want it ? Would you want it colored ? The creature looks pretty fun to draw.

Just reply here with information on it.

Leopaldon is the crack-inspired boss (and only redeeming feature) of Guilty Gear Isuka.

Yes, I want it colored, but if you only do b/w, I’m still interested.

I would want it pretty big…at least 5 in x 5 in in around 150 ppi or higher. And the more menacing the little guy, the more slobbery the dog, and the more WTF-ish the big white thing, the better. Action pose preferred.

EDIT: Also, I’m looking at the possibility of using more than 1, so if any other artists are interested, don’t be scared away.

I just got to reply to this thread coz… that is the most… hmmmmmmmmmmm… interesting character I’ve ever seen in a fighting game.

Sorry but don’t think I’m up for the stick request.

But looking at the stiff animation makes me want to make a crazy elaborated one myself. Ahehehhe.

I wonder what the story is behind this character.

Or what the artists were smoking when they designed it.

Well, as far as I know, there is no official story behind Leopaldon.

About all that’s ever said about him/it/them is “A Man and his dog fused to a gear” WTF?

Anyway, it’s safe to say that whatever they were smoking, I want some!

Yikes!.. I’ll take Quiche Lady over that thing anytime…

OK, well I think I’ve got 2 artists working on it now…

That should be enough.

Looking forward to see what you’re gonna give me, Vslash!


I said I COULD do it, I probably almost certainly will. But I need all the information and shit.

I’ve never done stick art before for one. So just give me the size of what I’m drawing ( you already havedone that ) the, um, resolution you want it at if thats the right term, and then give me a general idea of whats where on the stick. I don’t want to draw something really detailed and have a button cover it.

Once I get all that I’ll start designin’ yo shit.


check your PMs, VS.