Want to get into fighting games

I’m pretty new to the fighting game scene, any fighting games i have played in the past i just button mashed my way through. I want to actually sit down and learn a game. I wanted to know where the best place to start would be. I’m trying to decide between Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.I used to have the original mvc3 and i rented ssf4 and both games had something i liked about them. I like the characters in mvc3 but i find the combat can be to chaotic at times. As for ssf4 i liked the simple one on one game play but i found alot of the moves were to hard for me to pull off(i couldn’t even do a super). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ps i only have a regular controller as i am too broke to afford a decent arcade stick.

I’m no expert on 2D fighters, more of a 3D guy but I think:

For control pad, I find UMvC3 better, it doesnt have the 2xQCF type motions which makes it easier to play on pad in my experience.
Having said that, UMvC3 for me is really not newbie friendly, contrary to what a lot of people say. The minute you get hit, you might as well drop the controller because it will be quite a while before you have teh chance to control your character again.
SF4AE on the other hand is difficult because it’s been out a while and people online are quite good at it by now so expect quite a few spankings.

i would suggest SSF4AE between the two simply because you will learn the fundamentals of fighting games better playing that rather than UMvC3, which is quite the combo-fest.

Thanks for the advice. I was leaning more in Super Street Fighter 4: AE’s direction anyway. I have already accepted the fact that i will loose quite often.

Have you thought about maybe SFxT? Slightly more forgiving entry point from my personal experience

Pad or stick doesn’t really matter. Figure out which character you’d like to play. Learn their normal moves and how they can be used. Learn special moves and practice them until you can do them anytime you need to with confidence. You don’t need crazy combos but you want to have 1 or 2 basic ones. For example if your opponent throws a DP and you block it, you want to be able to do more than just throw. Best combos are ones that you can hit confirm into (jab jab did it hit? no = stop, yes = finish combo). Play other people and get bodied. Try to figure out why you’re losing. Focus on one thing at a time. Like are they jumping in on you and you’re either not blocking or anti airing. Are they throwing you? Learn to tech and just play to figure out when people like to throw. Things like that, one area that you’re getting beat at and try to figure a way to fix it. If you can’t figure something out come back here and ask. Most importantly, learn to block. This is the biggest part of the game new players never focus on.

I would suggest learning SF4 first. The slow pace of the game and less action on screen makes it easier to grasp when starting out. As far as pad vs stick, while stick is the preferred 2D peripheral some players do fine with pad but you must dedicate time to your accuracy on inputs. PS3 and xbox pad are going to be very different experiences as the PS3 dpad is far superior to the xbox dpad (which is so bad people often use analog stick or but a specialized one like the twisting dpad).

When learning fighting games don’t get too caught up in ‘can i pull this off’ as far as difficult combos and moves. Often you can get far with a few basics and add on later. Learn how to use simple moves like when to use a medium over a heavy attack and etc… Sometimes it helps to pick a generic character and once your grasp it a little better, move on to a character more your style. Guile and Ryu are good characters to start with then move on IMO.

I have played sfxt and i just couldn’t get into it, maybe the slightly slower pace of sf4 will be easier for me to learn.

Thanks for the help but i went out and got umvc3 as none of my local game stores had ssf4ae. Im glad i ended up with it, there’s a ton of stuff i need to learn but i still have fun with it.