Want to help new players improve in Fighting games. Mostly Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat


I was just doing some thinking and I know I always wanted to help new players improve. I always liked helping people improve no matter what. I want to do some sessions with some newcomers. Of course the first few will be test sessions to see how i can do this but if i can get this to work, It’ll be fantastic.


What system do you play on? I can move this to the appropriate section.


my fault that i put it in the wrong section. I have usf4 on ps4, xbox 360, ps3 and pc


This just on Street Fighter? I need some serious help on Guilty Gear and Third Strike haha.

Could always use some help on SF4 though, whats your steam name?



I’ve just recently got back in the game (life kept me busy for quite a while).

If you’re still offering, I could go a round or 2.

This goes for both Mikeandike12 and Sure_you_can.

I just recently bought a mad catz TE 2 stick > been in the lab working on executions.

I’m in the UK (GMT +0), not sure what time zone you guys are in.


Hey man, what system are you playing on?

I’m currently on PC but will switch to PS4 after I receive a stick for Christmas.

I’m in the UK too.


I’m playing on the PS4 i.d is:

Still getting used to the stick, although I just sprayed some parts as I’m currently modding it, but should be good to go at some point today.

Being in the UK makes things ideal!


Good to know, I’ll send you a FR later. I’m under Wizardslayerx

Won’t be playing SF till after Christmas though, there’s no way I’m playing with a controller!


Definitely down to learn more on how to improve in SF V & MK X (outside of videos)


i could try to help if you want!