Want to improve, but where to start

Ive been playing SSF4 AE for a while now, had some breaks and now picking it up again.

I would really like to improve my game, but there is SO much in this game for a newbie like me to learn.

And it just makes it really hard to choose where to focus on.

I could practice combos in training mode ( i do this for about 15min per combo )
Play online matches (but if i lose i just rage :P)
Play Arcade mode, but tbh this is kinda bad cause no player reacts like bots do.

Some problems:

  1. I just didnt play the game long enough for me to get the basics down
  2. Still miss my links/combos now and then. online a lot.
  3. Get frustrated if i get beat by some random guy that just smasher DP all the times, and wins
  4. Have really bad punish. If i block a DP for example, most of the time my brain just goes: “C HK”
  5. Some times, i just set a simple goal for my self before going into a online match, this could something like, Try and hit combos and dont fail on it. But then for some reason depending on the type of match i just seem to forget what i was gonna do, and if i get a chance to go for a punish/big combo i just do a trow or C HK.
  6. Dont know where to start.
  7. Cant do DP FADC ultra with Ryu (or any other char)

And the last one “Dont know where to start” is my biggest problem.

I play on a arcadestick, just got new buttons.

I watch a lot of videos and demos on youtube/XBL to try and learn.

You could say my main is Ryu (mainly because people told me its a good character to start with) but it feels like every single player i fight against just knows exacly whats coming from a Ryu :stuck_out_tongue:

Picked up akuma, more advanced… but maby to advanced for now.

And then played some Ibuki, same as Akuma to advanced, i picked this character because i wanted to do some other zoning then fireballs, and learn from it.

Some questions then:

What point should i focus on first?
Is training a combo for 15 every now and then, enough? or should it be way higher.
Should i play without thinking about doing combos? just rely on my normal moves/special moves?
Could any one maby play a few games against me, and maby check out where i lack the most?


It sounds like you’re at a bit of a crossroads with which character you want to pick. This should be your start. You said that you already main Ryu, but something you should try doing(and I do this alot when I get fighting game writers block) is just run through training mode with a couple characters that you think you would like, and pick the one that just “clicks”.

After that, I would say go to step one, and just try to figure the basics with said character.

Also, like I’ve read almost 1000 times on SRK, “It doesnt matter how much time you put into training, it’s how much progress you get out of it.”

  1. It’s not too late to learn, go to the Ryu sub-forums and learn your BnBs. (c.mP, c.mP, Sweep etc.)
  2. Dropping combos online isn’t a big deal, because it’s online, there is lag, input lag etc., try to land your BnBs, a set enough times a day in training mode. 15 is a good number to start.
  3. Blocking is one of the most important, yet overlooked option. Block more, and DP Mashers are no problem.
  4. This is a matter of reaction and experience. If you are punishing with c.hK, it’s a good start considering that most beginners don’t punish at all. Practice timings when punishing, because missing a punish b/c the opponent is airborne is indeed frustrating.
  5. My goals for online are usually something along the lines of: Increase my BP by 100 each session, Increase my PP by 200 each session, Break even in BP from what i lost yesterday etc etc.
  6. Asking questions on SRK is a GREAT way to start. This could help you start as well, also the footsies handbook from sonic hurricane.
  7. IMO (and other people will surely beg to differ), FADC isn’t so much as necessary, but a luxury. A way a lot of people to is is: m.SRK(while holding forward), Focus Attack, Tap forward once (The dash is being buffered)

Most importantly, having fun is VERY important, and it seems like a lot of people lose sight of this. If you ever get angry in a session, just walk away for a bit take a break, or wash your face and come back later.
I wish you luck on your journey. :slight_smile:

Go into training mode and record the dummy doing a shoryuken. set to play and let the dummy wiff the SRK and walk up and do your punish, do it 20minutes everyday. after a while it will become second nature. Watch your replays where you lost and see where you can improve. These guys are not Mashing DP, they are punishing unsafe play. If you are jumping in on a shoto stop. if the person does Srk on wake-up don’t try to attack them on wake-up. look for players in your area and play then live, when they beat you they will tell you what you are doing wrong.