Want to know where $3M in US Taxpayer dollars went?


Destroying mice and keyboards…


Have they never heard of firewalls?

Or LInux?


That’s… exactly what I was thinking…

Also, a million to have a security contractor? Are you fucking kidding me? LMAO


Who is in charge? Is it like the head of committee on science, a guy who has zero interest in science and rules using his warped Christian beliefs?


How does it cost money to destroy things?
I fantasize everyday about being able to just run through an office and just smash everything I see with a baseball bat…
Setting things on fire… throwing things into a woodchipper.
Its the only thing that keeps me sane.


The same reason you pay to throw things out?
I mean, you gotta buy the matches to burn shit, no?


Yup. Drawing from the same batch of wealthy, hands-off, out-of-touch old-ass white guys who make all of our health, science, and infotech-related decisions.


Duh, don’t you get it? The computers were infected beyond repair. Since they were infected they had to be thrown away. Would you keep a rug that had smallpox on it? I think not.


Whoever green lighted all that sounds really paranoid


I guess they cleaned that series of tubes thoroughly.


Seems reasonable, you really can’t afford to take a risk with something like that.

I’m sure Iran wouldn’t love to reciprocate the gesture.


Sheet, give 30Gs a year and I’ll break those keyboards over my knee and stomp those mouse pads out.


“Ain’t no fuckin’ virus gonna trash OUR stuff!!! We’ll do it our DAMN self!!!”