Want to laugh a little?


Here, check this dude’s channel and read its description, his videos titles and descriptions as well. This guy just can’t stop whining and crying over a game he doesn’t even like.

This was just horrible, who’s he trying to fool?

Also, got some hatemail from him.


omg… I was laughting my ass off!

You really gave me a good laughter!


I came. I laughed. I destroyed.


Thank you for the laugh just when you thought youtube comments were bad enough


I can’t watch this until I get out of my classes. :expressionless:

Someone care to explain? Lol.


Basically a guy who cries over everything in 3rd Strike and uploads videos saying he’s the one who won (obviously not true)

“Baw, I hate shotos” “Baw I hate top tiers” “baw everything”


Sounds like the majority of the Capcom fanbase to me!